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Inspection Services


Here are our most common inspection services. Please inquire if you need any additional services, including 3 and 4 point inspections, roof certificates, surveys, elevation certificates, mold inspections, etc

Wind Mitigation Inspections

What is it? Is a roof overview and wind protection of the property including structure of the roof and window panels or impact windows.


Results: This inspection will give you the the best results on lowering the cost of your homeowners insurance. 

Real Estate Inspection


What is a real estate inspection? Is an inside an outside visual inspection of the property including roof, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, structural, landscape, etc.

Results: Will give you a complete knowleadge of the actual conditions of the property you are purchasing.

All Insurance Inspections

For properties older than 30 years old, most insurance companies require a roof certificate or a 4 point inspection in order to be insured. We also specialize in this field.

Jlu Services

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